What is Health Coaching? Carol is a Health Coach who received her education at UVM in the Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching Certificate Program sitting for her National NBHEC Boards in May of 2022. As a Health Coach Carol partners with you exploring your needs as it relates to your health and wellbeing. Unlike other healthcare providers, a health coach guides 'you' as the expert in making change that is lasting and sustainable for your everyday lifestyle. A health coach walks along side of you, helping you explore opportunities for change by balancing your needs and goals. Although Carol has an expertise in Orthopaedics, her role as a health coach is to listen and guide you verses education.
As a client, you will be very active in the process of change you as you know 'you' best. Carol will listen, support, and guide you in a nonjudgemental manner while asking questions and walking along side of you. Your ideas and thoughts are the groundwork that we build upon for meeting your goals. We will pause and reflect as we go as if we were two kayakers paddling along side of one another, getting closer and closer to our destination. We make progress, one paddle at a time, pausing to reflect, rest, and continue paddling. As your health coach, Carol is curious and interested in your honest feedback. The partnership works best when you are open with your opinions, thoughts and feelings as much as possible, remembering there are no 'right' answers. Carol will help you with accountability and meeting your goals and desires.